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Industrial Style

Industrial Style

Industrial style has no secrets.

Interiors are on full display, left exposed rather than concealed.

Stripped back designs, exposed raw surfaces and recycled objects create visual appeal while flooring gets back to basics.

Industrial style is inspired by the areas of New York where old warehouses have been transformed into high end apartments.

A key signature of industrial style design lies in exposing the actual structure of the building. Exposed beams and columns, raw concrete and timber-clad walls, polished concrete flooring and exposed air conditioning ducts are all common to this style.

With an Industrial style home, you can experiment with bold colour and mix matte finished metals with wood and stone as part of your home design.

To see how the Industrial style translates onto a floorplan, simply request a copy of The Tribeca from a WB Building & Design Consultant by completing the form below or contacting us on 6365 4060.

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