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The Nunis Family

The Nunis Family

Giles Nunis was Managing Director for a Melbourne-based multinational consulting firm, responsible for more than 600 staff, when he and his wife Ilona decided to move their family back to Perth in 2009. Giles was ready for a change and wanted to spend more time with his wife and two kids.
While back in Perth on one of his final business trips, Giles bought a block of land with plans to move the family over and build. “We were returning home to Perth and building, in our minds, offered greater value for money given the Perth housing market at the time,” he says.
Then tragedy struck. “Giles bought the block of land in Churchlands, then the very next day fell gravely ill and came close to death,” says wife Ilona. “He was hospitalised for two weeks in Perth, so I came over with the kids to Perth for a few weeks.”
“When Giles was still in hospital and was allowed to go out of the hospital for a few hours, we started looking into building and had a meeting with Webb & Brown-Neaves in Osborne Park.  Giles still had a tube hanging out of his chest which must have been distracting, but we did formally commence discussions about our house plans.”

The Nunis family knew exactly what they were looking for – and soon put their plans into action.

“Given that we were relocating states, settling into two new jobs, settling the kids back at school, finding a rental, selling our house in Melbourne, packing and unpacking a house – and with Giles getting over a major illness – we just wanted to sign up with a builder that could act in our interest and do it without our involvement and monitoring.”

The family’s home, a Sundowner, was completed in May, 2011.

“It has turned out exactly how we wanted,” says Ilona. “Our favourite part is the living area, which includes the kitchen, family room, dining room and the alfresco area. It’s the open plan design we always wanted to have; it works very well with a lot of space, light and liveability.”

Top tips from the Nunis family

  • Choose an experienced builder with a reputation for quality.
  • Give some thought to the details you want.
  • Ask questions to understand the building process.