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The Hambly Family

The Hambly Family

Same view, brand new outlook

Retirees Win and Julie Hambly loved their oceanfront location in North Beach but with their house more than 50 years old and its list of major repairs quickly growing, they knew it was time to make some big decisions.

“As our old home was right on the beach, we continually received offers from people wanting to buy it,” said Win. “Being on a large block, it could be sub-divided and developed. We decided we would rather develop it ourselves than see someone else do it and be sorry that we never took the opportunity.”

When they received another generous cash offer for their property, they refused the offer and decided it was time to build their dream home on their dream block.

“We had never built a new home before, and we decided that at our age, it was time to give it a go.” said Win. “We had an opportunity to do something special.”

 “Once we visited some Webb & Brown-Neaves display homes, we were really impressed with their set up and designs and we never considered that anyone but Webb & Brown-Neaves would build our new home.”

Win and Julie first met with Cleve Riches, Building and Design Consultant. “He came out to visit us, gave us some suggestions and came back with some tentative sketches and conceptual drawings. We arranged finance with our bank and signed the contracts.”

“As we were first time builders, we didn’t know what happened in what order. Cleve gave us a clear outline of the building process. We then knew exactly what to expect and we really enjoyed watching our home come to life. Our building supervisor Ray was also very helpful and expertly handled the large and small details.”

“We love the natural light and views, the space and the clean lines in our new home. We receive so many positive comments about the design, style and layout – even from strangers visiting North Beach for coffee!”

Top tips from the Hambly family

  • When you already live in a suburb you love, demolishing and building is a fantastic option.
  • Choose a builder who understands what you want and need in a home.
  • Demolishing an old house is worth it. You may feel nervous at first, but when you’re enjoying your brand new home you realise it is what you needed to take you and your family into the 21st century.