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Timeless Beauty

Perfectly balanced

After being urged by their daughter to view Webb & Brown-Neaves’ Montauk display home, Neil and June fell in love with the timeless elegance of the Hampton’s inspired design. Beautifully balanced and instantly familiar, the bright, fresh colour palettes and natural materials evoked a relaxed coastal feel befitting of their Cottesloe address.

With their minds brimming with their own unique ideas, Neil and June called upon the custom design experts at Webb & Brown-Neaves to craft a unique interpretation of The Montauk floorplan.

Ceiling height was raised to further enhance the sense of voluminous space, with a bedroom, family room and the kitchen all expanded. A water closet was incorporated into the upstairs bathroom, while the linen cupboard was repositioned to create more space for bedroom entrances and enhance the void’s visual impact.

The result is a classically beautiful two-storey home that invites relaxed, modern entertaining with family and friends. Neil and June adore the natural light and soothing vistas through to the alfresco area and pool.

Maintaining regular contact with Webb & Brown-Neaves’ building supervisor proved to make the experience a truly memorable one, for all the right reasons.

Key Features
Balanced Balcony
A large terrace-styled balcony that flows from the spacious upper living area.
Make a grand entrance
A two storey void above the entry of the home creates a fresh welcome and openness to the upper level.

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Are you ready?

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