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Style Inspiration

Style Inspiration

Architectural style is where form meets function.

The style you choose for your home can be influenced by what inspires you, the size and shape of your block, your lifestyle and your location. Ultimately, it’s a matter of taste. Getting familiar with different styles of architecture means you can make some great design decisions.

There’s always room for flexibility but having a consistent style to develop means your home will stand out for all the right reasons.

Browse some of the most popular home styles below to get a feel for your own.



Scandinavian Style

Inspired by the homes of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Scandinavian style is bright, contemporary and simple. If you’re looking for a home design that evokes happiness, you’ll find it with the natural materials, neutral colours and clean lines typical of this style...

Hamptons Style

Hamptons style is timeless. Hallmarks of this east coast American style include the considered use of texture and beautiful proportions. Think soft whites in windows and weatherboarding, timber shingle roofing or hand-cut slate...

Modern Style

Modern style means simplified lines and a clean, considered look. The exterior is generally very light, stripped of embellishments, and inside features plenty of open space... 

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style builds on Modern style, incorporating the latest in technology and techniques. It’s a design style of today...

Coastal Style

Coastal style takes design beyond the beach to create a home to suit almost any setting. Light and breezy...

Industrial Style

Industrial style has no secrets. Interiors are on full display, left exposed rather than concealed. Stripped back designs...

Australian Homestead Style

Australian Homestead style builds on our close connection with light, nature and the great outdoors. The traditional elevation features a warm palette, with plenty of sunwashed open spaces inside...

Georgian-Toorak Style

Georgian-Toorak style includes French overtones for a classic look with deliberate flair. The elevation will generally feature a textured palette of slimline bricks with profiled gutters, feature render bands, considered mouldings and grey tones...

Oriental Style

Oriental style homes are warm, yet fairly minimalistic. Your home will feature raw materials used on floor surfaces, walls, windows and even the roof...

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