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Stability & Ability: Part of the Alcock Family of Companies

Stability & Ability: Part of the Alcock Family of Companies

When building a new home, one of the most crucial (yet often overlooked) considerations is stability. How long has your builder been established? What’s their track record? How many houses have they built? Are they financially secure? The construction industry is highly competitive, and unfortunately many building companies just don’t make it. In fact, it is not uncommon for builders to declare bankruptcy halfway through a build. In this game of survival of the fittest, unlucky homebuyers can come off second best – so it pays to understand your builder’s stability upfront.

Luckily, Webb & Brown-Neaves is one of WA’s most stable building companies. We’re part of Australia’s leading integrated construction, property and finance group, the Alcock Family of Companies. With decades of proven success and authenticity, they assure the new homes Perth homebuyers move into are built to impeccable quality and value standards.

Australia’s Leading Integrated Construction, Property & Finance Company

So, what is the Alcock Family of Companies, and why is it so important to the success of Webb & Brown-Neaves? The Alcock Family of Companies is a family owned and run business, led by Managing Director Dale Alcock. 

One Group, 22 companies, Three Decades of Success

Over 30 years later, the Alcock Family of Companies is proudly Australia’s leading integrated construction, property and finance group, boasting an impressive portfolio of 22 companies across Western Australia and Victoria. The Alcock Family of Companies' retail brands include a long list of household building names: 

  • Webb & Brown-Neaves (the company’s flagship brand) 
  • Dale Alcock Homes
  • Homebuyers Centre 
  • PACT Construction 
  • Celebration Homes 
  • apg Homes 
  • Investor Assist 
  • Boutique Homes.

These companies are supported by a renowned finance brand, Resolve Finance, named 2014 Major Brokerage of the Year in the Australian Broking Awards. Together, these companies have achieved amazing success for the Alcock Family of Companies since its inception including having built more than 62,000 new homes and financed more than 23,000 new homes in WA and Victoria.

Backed by a trusted family of suppliers the Alcock Family of Companies also owns numerous supplier companies. As part of our wider family, they give us supreme control over quality and consistency. These companies work in tandem with Webb & Brown-Neaves to ensure we achieve economies of scale, allowing us to pass superior savings onto you. And because these suppliers work for us, we can coordinate them efficiently to ensure there are no hold-ups when building your new home. Some of the suppliers owned by the Alcock Family of Companies include: 

  • Boeing Plumbing 
  • Concretus
  • Hi-Point Roofing 
  • Ceiling Solutions 
  • The Maker Designer Kitchens.

The Alcock Family of Companies also owns the finance arm of the business, Resolve Finance. 

The result is a network of trustworthy trades, suppliers and finance services that work together to produce consistently high quality builds.

Lauren OreillyOur people. Our success.

For the Alcock Family of Companies, employing and rewarding the best workers has helped ensure decades of stability when building new homes in Perth. The group employs more than 1,700 people, and engages over 3,000 construction contractors. What’s more, securing the future of its companies is extremely important to the Alcock Family of Companies. That’s why it is bringing exciting young talent into the industry via ABN Training - the largest independent training body for building apprentices in Australia. The Alcock Family of Companies' success has placed the company in prime position to give back to the community that has supported it. In the last seven years, the group has donated more than $7 million to various worthy organisations and charities.

Webb & Brown-Neaves: The Best of Both Worlds

As part of such a large group, Webb & Brown-Neaves benefits from an enhanced scale of operation including economies of scale, supreme buying power and the ability to attract top shelf employees.

These advantages translate into a range of cost-savings for homebuyers, and a wealth of experience behind every design when building new homes in Perth. Yet despite being able to offer all these big company benefits, we’re still a boutique builder that prides itself on offering a ‘niche’ building experience. At Webb & Brown-Neaves, we only take on a small number of homes per year to ensure we can give each our full attention. This means we’re able to deliver impeccably high standards - every time. 

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