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The Search for Floorplan Perfection

The Search for Floorplan Perfection

Are you currently on the lookout for a home? You’ve more than likely been browsing various websites for floor plans and visited a few display homes. Honing in on your dream design is no easy task, yet it’s critical you find the floor plan that’s matched to the way you live. No one layout is for everyone – there are a host of factors at play that influence how you need the home to flow.

Your Floor Plan Search Starts with Webb & Brown-Neaves

Webb & Brown-Neaves are here to help you find the perfect floor plan. The designs you see on our website are just the tip of the iceberg - we have a vast collection of over 2,000 floor plans, perfected over the years to strike the right chord with Perth’s dynamic family diversity. Each configuration is tailored to accommodate many of the things we know influence the lifestyle needs of our clients, from open plan living, to integrated areas for adults and children, and privacy zones.

One thing you’ll notice when you walk through a Webb & Brown-Neaves home is its beautiful sense of flow and intelligent use of space. 

Matching Your Floor Plan to Your Block 

To help you find your perfect floor plan, we first inspect your block to understand its surroundings, orientation, shape, size and potential issues. If you haven’t bought your block yet, it’s a smart idea to make this site inspection a condition of your block purchase to avoid potentially costly site works down the track. To book your inspection, simply call one of our consultants on 6365 4060 and we’ll usually be able to complete it within 24 hours.

Making it Work for Your Lifestyle

As you can imagine, there are countless possible floor plan combinations. Do you own a block with rear access? You may benefit from having the garage situated at the rear. Are you an empty nester? Your floor plan could reflect your newly found freedom by encouraging a more ‘lock-up and leave’ lifestyle.

There are some common decisions to be made when designing a floor plan. Most people will have different preferences for the location of their master suite and living areas. Are they placed at the front of the home? Tucked away at the rear? Or given a commanding position on the second level? All these choices must be considered when finding a floor plan that’s right for you. 

Perfecting the Plan

Narrowing down to a floor plan that closely suits your needs is really just the beginning. From there, we can help you make tweaks to the floor plan to get it just right. If you’re still not 100% sure you’ve found the perfect plan, you have the option to engage our in-house design team to develop a customised plan.

Let’s Talk

Whether you have a clear idea of the floor plan design you’re chasing, or are still exploring the possibilities, the friendly consultants at Webb & Brown-Neaves can sit down with you and go through all your research, ideas and inspiration to craft a clearer vision and list of priorities for your new home. You can get in touch with a Webb & Brown-Neaves' Building & Design Consultant by visiting a WB Display Home or simply call 6365 4060 or complete the form below.

Let your journey begin

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