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Trend: Matte Black

Trend: Matte Black

Black is the new white. Matte black, that is. It's been creeping up for years, but you can expect to see this edgy interior design trend everywhere in 2019. Whilst black has always been a favourite in modern homes, the matte finish really makes it something else, giving your home that final touch. Matte black is sleek, modern and sophisticated.

So how can you make matte black a part of your home? Are you willing to take the plunge? We're about to show you, from the subtlest ways to the biggest and boldest. But a fair warning - once you start you'll want to add more - don't say we didn't warn you!

The Bathroom

The Bathroom seems to be the most obvious place you would see this colour. At first you might think of taps, handles, and soap dispensers, but don’t let us stop your imagination there. Think a completely matte black bath, the white bubbles in the dark water a rare juxtaposition. Incorporate the trend into the whole bathroom, creating a neat, modern feel. But sometimes less is more and we can just imagine the exquisite subtlety of incorporating only a few matte black elements.

The Kitchen

To some, the Kitchen is the favourite room in the house and getting it right can be the difference between loving and hating your home. Again, the subtlety of taps and handles can influence the feel of the whole kitchen. But if you love the trend, an entirely matte black counter top could be for you. And with the kitchen, there's even more to play with. Think kitchen stools, hanging lights, or even a matte black kitchen sink. If you're not so keen, but want to give it a go, dig deeper into the finer details. Matte black cutlery will instantly modernise your dinner table.

The Bedroom

The bedroom should be a relaxing space, a place to wind down before dozing off to sleep. Bringing in this dark colour will construct a nightly feel that's instantly relaxing. In the bedroom, it's all about the details. A matte black bed frame, bedside tables, and ceiling lights. And if there's an ensuite, carrying this trend into the bathroom will ensure a consistent feel to the home.

The Matte Black trend won’t disappear any time soon, so feel comfortable modernising your home with this distinctive colour. 

See how we’ve incorporated this trend into our display home, The Kuro. Where Japanese minimalism meets Scandinavian style, matte black contrasts with pale oak to sooth the soul.

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