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Demolish And Build FAQs

Demolish And Build FAQs

Demolish & Build Frequently Asked Questions (Perth)

By now, your mind must be absolutely brimming with questions. Well, rest assured we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. Take your time reading through our collection of most commonly asked questions for a demolish and build (Perth) or get in touch with your own questions by completing the form below.


How much does a demolition cost in Perth?

A standard demolition is about $20,000. One of the advantages of going through a company like Webb & Brown-Neaves for your demolition is that unexpected items like stumps are covered by a fixed rate demolition, whereas if you go direct there can be unexpected cost blowouts.

Will it take a lot longer to get into my new home because of the approvals process?

In actual fact, demolition approval is incorporated into the planning approval application that you will need to make when you build a new home anyway. The demolition itself is quick too – it only takes a couple of days (give or take). And if you arrange your finance through a good mortgage broker like Resolve Finance, you can undertake the planning phase at the same time as the finance approval period, saving you even more time.

Can I keep sentimental items?

Absolutely. These items need to be removed from the home prior to the demolition company coming to site. The demolition company can remove them for you at a cost or you can remove them yourself. If working with Webb & Brown-Neaves, please ensure these items are noted down in your demolition information sheet.

Do you remove trees and grind tree stumps?

Yes, for a WB demolition, tree lopping, removal of trees and stump grinding is all part of the service. This may not be the case for other builders and demolition companies so be sure to ask.

How do you manage dust?

Dust is kept to a minimum at all times with the site watered down whilst demolition is in progress.

What about disturbing our neighbours?

It’s important to keep your neighbours onside, as generally you live side by side for the majority of your time in the new home. Our demolition partners liaise with the neighbours to ensure a smooth transition.

Do you remove fencing?

Unless otherwise requested, your property’s fencing will remain where it is. If it needs to be removed and it affects the neighbour’s property, a BA20A form will need to be completed with the approval of the neighbouring owners (we will let you know when this needs to happen). 

Is the quote all-inclusive?

At Webb & Brown-Neaves, the quote you receive is a fixed-price quote, ensuring for complete peace of mind knowing everything that needs to be taken care of, will be. We are aware of instances where other demolition companies have found big tree root systems underground, buried pools, buried bricks, or stumps that need grinding, causing demolition costs to blowout.

Is it more expensive than building on another block of land?

At around $20,000, a standard demolish and build (Perth) can actually be a more affordable option than buying another block. You save on paying a host of fees like stamp duty, taxes and site fees, and forego the expense and hassle of selling your existing home (agent fees, advertising, repairs etc.) At Webb & Brown-Neaves, we can provide an accurate cost estimate of your unique demolition so you can assess your options.

Can I re-use the existing footings?

Unfortunately we are unable to re-use the existing footings as we build everything from the ground up to satisfy all engineering and quality requirements, which results in our excellent structural warranties and guarantees. 

How long will I have to move out for?

From the time you vacate your existing home, the demolition process generally takes about four to six weeks for completion. You will need to plan for temporary living arrangements from this period, right through the time it takes to build your new home.

Will I need extra council approvals?

Yes, it will require both council approval and a demolition license (which usually takes seven to 14 days to be approved depending on your council). 

What are the advantages of going through a company like Webb & Brown-Neaves?

As experts in demolish and build (Perth), we provide the complete solution by taking care of everything. You can expect a hassle-free, streamlined process, with no unexpected blowouts.

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